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Bane had the right idea just trap all cops in a tunnel

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Senait Gidey for Wonderland Magazine, Summer 2014

Senait Gidey for Wonderland Magazine, Summer 2014

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*boy calls me hot* um what the fuck?

*girl calls me hot* u are an angel thank u i love u so much!!!!!!!

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When you start to know someone, all their physical characteristics start to disappear. You begin to dwell in their energy, recognize the scent of their skin. You see only the essence of the person, not the shell. That’s why you can’t fall in love with beauty. You can lust after it, be infatuated by it, want to own it. You can love it with your eyes and your body but not your heart. And that’s why, when you really connect with a person’s inner self, any physical imperfections disappear, become irrelevant.
—Lisa Unger, Beautiful Lies   (via wordsnquotes)

i spent 4 hours shopping for clothes today and only ending up buying 1 top

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